Earn on Dining


Earn on Dining

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Suggested Destination:
Phuket Bali Singapore Hong Kong

Restaurants + Bars Benefits

Every meal is a reason to celebrate.
Enjoy member-exclusive dining privileges for any and every occasion.

Exclusive Savings
10 % off

Members and
Silver Elite

15 % off

Gold Elite

20 % off

Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite and
Ambassador Elite

Points Earning*

Up to 10 Points

per US$1 eligible spent for in-house and non-stay guests

*Minimum spend of US$10 needed to qualify for earning points. Taxes, gratuities,
service charges (and alcoholic beverages where prohibited by law) are not included
in either the minimum, nor the earning calculation. Other terms and conditions apply.

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Participating Restaurants + Bars

Participating restaurants + bars will be updated from time to time.
Come again to stay on top of the latest participating list.